Industry Los Angeles based Food Manufacturer
Number of Employees 1000 Employees
Revenue Estimated $200M Annually
Service R&D Tax Credits


Years R&D – Federal R&D – State
2010 $98,856 $73,754
2011 $180,135 $123,446
2012 $227,255 $163,144
2013 $94,538 $107,446
2014 $107,482 $127,665
Total $708,266 $595,455
Grand Total $1,303,721


  • Snack manufacturer
  • Produce and package snacks for other companies
  • Developed a snack that meets a client’s texture and shape specification.
  • Developed a snack that meets a client’s nutritional profile and achieve the correct texture of popped crisps.
  • Company was claiming the tax credits internally without having any documentation to support an audit. The company hired us to prepare a thorough report to identify any missed credits as well as fully document the credits they are claiming.