Your Growing Company

With any new tech startup, certain roles are a given. Engineers are essential. They fabricate and create the company’s salable products, bringing the founding partners’ ideas to life. So are tech officers and finance officers who drive the company’s infrastructure and assets forward. Of course, behind them all is the company’s founder, the person with the initial vision.

In the drive to establish your business and get all the macro-level pieces in place, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the smaller, often overlooked roles that your company also really needs to fill.

4 Essential Roles That You Need to Hire

1. Operations manager

When a tech startup first begins doing business, many of the founding members may find themselves in multiple roles, wearing multiple hats all at once. The CEO, for example, might find themselves doing triple duty as the lead product designer, chief operations officer, and salesperson all at the same time. But once the company has taken its first steps and found its footing, it is essential to differentiate some of those roles to ensure continued success.

First and foremost, your startup needs an operation manager: someone to impose order on the chaos and make work flow efficiently. A good operations manager is responsible for structuring the company’s day-to-day operations and determining the processes that will be important for the business’s overall culture and prosperity. An operations manager can alleviate the burden that these duties impose on the company officers and help you set the tone for your business practices going forward.

2. Sales development coordinator

The CEO, and even a good CFO to some extent, may have a burning passion for their product or the solution that they provide. People who are driven by that kind of passion can’t wait to share their vision with the business world at large. One person, however, is not a sales force. For your business to grow and thrive, it is essential to introduce your product to as many new markets and potential customers as possible.

A CEO can’t be everywhere at once though. For the startup to grow past infancy, you need more than just part-time salespeople. You also need someone who can open up new channels and opportunities, and build meaningful relationships with potential customers. A sales development coordinator can carve out leads for your salespeople to utilize.

3. Tech support

So you’ve created an excellent piece of software and captured a large share of business from a niche market. Sales are rolling in and the company is really starting to take off. While you know that your product is of the highest quality, occasional problems are inevitable. In the early days, the operations manager, or even the CEO, would help customers troubleshoot their issues, but the volume of your business prohibits that kind of thing at this point.

It’s time to hire tech support to make sure that your customers are getting maximum value from your product. Ensuring happy, well-educated clients means an increase in future business for you. Don’t forget to include tech support, or some form of customer service, into your business operations.

4. Writer/ marketing professional

This might be the single most overlooked role in a new tech startup. You design software. You create hardware. What does writing have to do with your company?

A good, competent writer is essential to your marketing, which in turn is essential to your continued growth. You would not believe the amount of copy and verbiage that needs to be established when setting up a new company. A writer needs to be able to create SEO (search engine optimized) content for your company website to ensure that it is easily found in search results. Tech manuals, training manuals, corporate vision statements, social media marketing, and sales campaigns all need someone to write them, and that person has to be clear, persuasive, and adaptable to their audience.

Tax Consultation with Incentax

You and your tech startup have the right products and the right level of passion. You’ve assembled a great team and put the right players into the correct roles. Your business is growing rapidly and successfully.

Now is the time to work with tax professionals like Incentax to help you develop the best strategic tax plan possible to ensure the prosperity of your business going forward. Please contact us today to set up a consultation and begin planning a deeper financial strategy for your growing startup.